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Among our numerous childhood games, badminton has always been our favorite one. You will be surprised to know that the game that was limited to the rich in the 1800s is now a game played in every household. It has become so famous and common that people actually ask “Is badminton an Olympic sport”? Of course, it IS!

A game with this much popularity is bound to be played at an international level. The game involves a badminton court, a badminton set that includes a badminton racket for each player, a net, and a shuttlecock. To fully enjoy the game, all these things should be of premium quality.

There are five pieces of equipment that every serious badminton players need. For starters, they need a racket of the right weight, grip, shaft, string tensions, and right balance. Next comes the shuttlecock. It may seem a tiny small thing, but to ensure a smooth and unbiased game of badminton, ensure that you invest in the right one.

When buying a shuttlecock consider the environment you will play it in. Choose it speed number appropriate to the temperature, humidity, and altitude. Also, it is better to play with a feather shuttlecock instead of nylon as the feel of hitting and flight pattern would be the same as that of the ones in the big leagues.

Badminton shoes are as important as any other equipment of the game. After all, you would be putting a great amount of pressure on the forefoot, and a good quality shoe would prevent any injury. In order to improve your game, keep a badminton tracker with you. It tends to help improve the technique and stance of the player.

Lastly, the apparels and accessories that you bring to court require great consideration. Some of the common things that you should tag along include grips, grip powder, headbands, wristbands, and T-shirts and shorts.




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